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You can get inspired by our +100k database of hand-picked Linkedin posts.

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  • 1M+ viral posts library
  • AI-writing assistant
  • AI post generation
  • Post composer
  • Queue system and schedule management
  • Linkedin analytics
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Is it safe to use a third-party tool to schedule messages on Linkedin?

      The short answer is yes, although it ultimately depends on the specific third-party tool you’re considering. ContentMate connects your profile to the post scheduler through LinkedIn's Official API, ensuring that your profile is 100% safe. ContentMate has various safety features built into it, which help ensure your profile and data remain secure while using the tool. ContentMate is regularly updated to make sure it stays compliant with Linkedin rules.

    • Do I need to install the Chrome extension?

      The Chrome extension is not required, but we recommend installing it for a better experience. With the extension, you'll have access to more features and data that will help you measure your results. Furthermore, the extension is safe and reliable as we only use it with your personal profile and information.

    • How does the AI use my profile info?

      ContentMate’s AI uses the information and data gathered from your profile to create tailored content recommendations. The AI will analyze your profile, connections, interests, and activities to provide relevant content suggestions that fit your specific needs.

    • Are all the texts original?

      ContentMate offers a wide variety of content options, including original AI-generated content. We also have a library of over 100k posts of relevant content to choose from. You can edit yourself or use our AI tool to automatically rephrase it to fit your specific needs.

    • How does the viral content work?

      ContentMate’s viral content feature automatically scours our database of high-performance content for the most popular posts relevant to your industry. You can find inspiration for your posts by looking through this selection and choosing what will help you achieve your goals.

    • How many posts can I schedule?

      Unlimited! You can schedule as many posts as you'd like!

    • Can I give acess to other people schedule my posts?

      Yes, ContentMate allows you to add other members or team members to your account. You can assign roles and set permissions for who can access your profile and schedule posts on your behalf. The person will need to have their own LinkedIn profile in order to be able to log into the tool and use it.

    • Can I Change the timezone to fit my schedule?

      Yes! ContentMate offers a timezone selector in the Schedule menu, which allows you to select your preferred timezone. This ensures that your scheduled posts are sent out at the right time.